ONLINE :: December 05, 2005

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the Blog. Update:
Esther will be released October 13 2006.
Esther was raised up to be Queen to save her people.

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Friday, September 09, 2005

Critic Opinion : Tiffany Dupont : Grade B

The D-list: Lydia McBride

I don’t mean to demean someone who’s probably a really nice person in real life, but the movie Lydia had absolutely no screen presence at all. There’s nothing about her that would inspire a guy to want to spend more than five minutes in her presence, let alone two guys coming to blows over her. Frankly, if I were Nathan, I wouldn’t have thought twice about whether to leave her in favor of Joseph Smith and the restored church. Maybe not even after she converted…

It’s not necessarily an acting problem per se—Tiffany Dupont is adequate as an actor—only her Lydia has no charisma, no passion, nothing in her personality that demands--as the book Lydia did--that guys pay attention to her. She has the requisite beauty (albeit in a generic, unremarkable way), but I can’t help wonder whether a more ‘fiery’ actress (say, Rachel McAdams of Mean Girls and The Notebook) would have made the movie Lydia more compelling. Since the majority of the movie (including the ending) is centered upon Lydia’s relationship with Nathan and Joshua, her blandness serves as W&G one major flaw. Fortunately, it appears Ms. Dupont has already been replaced as Lydia for the next two movies in the series…

Editor: Esther is more fitting to her true personality and kind nature.